Elective Module

(US 115407, 116921, 15237, 15231, 15238, 15233, 15223, 114226, 116928, 12140)

  • Apply the principles of change management in the workplace
  • Apply the principles of Employment Equity to dealing with terminal or chronic illnesses, particularly HIV/Aids, in the workplace 
  • Build teams to meet set goals and objectives 
  • Create and use a range of resources to effectively manage teams, sections, departments or divisions 
  • Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain relationships   
  • Harness diversity and build on strengths of a diverse working environment
  • Implement training needs for teams and individuals to upgrade skills l
  • Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace 
  • Manage diversity in the workplace
  • Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions