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Hirschel and Sheena has been running Christian Leadership Projects for the past 25 years working locally, nationally and internationally, developing and building up men and women, from all walks of life, who hopes for a bright future for tomorrow. Hirschel obtained a BA (Hon) Degree Bible and Theology at Global School of Theology (ICI University before). He later completed his Master’s Degree Practical Theology, Youth Leadership (2003) as well as his Doctorate Systematic Theology and Ethics (2012) at Stellenbosch University. Sheena possess a wealth of administrative skills due to her working experience as a shipping clerk. She has also completed a BA (Hon) Degree Christian Educational Leadership at Global School of Theology (ICI University before) as well as a Certificate in Christian Counseling. They are both passionate about the holistic Leadership development and well-being of men and women from all walks of life as well as for their families. As a result Hebron Christian Institute was birth with the primary focus to training Christian Leaders to ensure a better tomorrow for themselves and those they Lead.

When can I begin?

You can start straight away. HCI is fully Online for the Project Management Course. There are no “semesters”. You can start quickly and learn at your own speed. The Christian Leadership Course follows the semester sequence which will start mid January 2022. Contact admin thereafter for enquiry.

Can I pursue a BA degree after my diploma completion?

Yes our courses are SAQA and Internationally Accredited and pave the way for further studies at any other accredited institution provided that you meet their criteria… 

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes there is financial assistance available to those students who have a financial need…

Can I enroll for both Project Management and Christian Leadership course the same time?

Yes the institute’s end goal are structured to allow students to enroll for both courses or only one…

How long does the course take?

HCI’s strategy is that every understudy can learn at their own speed so whatever amount of time the Project Management Course (18 months) requires is subject to the understudy him/herself. At the point when concentrated each day, HCI’s “Christian Leadership Course” joined with the discretionary morning examines “Fostering a Devotional Lifestyle”, is intended to require 18 month. “The Practical Ministry Project” consolidated, coincide with the 18 months…

Does it matter which Bible version I read?

You may use whatever Bible version you desire…

Can I take a break from my studies?

Indeed. The HCI courses are adaptable and can be changed by your plan and exceptional necessities. In the event that you need to take a break from your examinations for a couple of days, half a month or even a couple of months. However, it is not recommended that your break for too long…


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