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When you register with Hebron Christian Institute, you accept these terms and the fees as revised for each relevant academic year. You also accept our rules (including all regulations, policies and codes of conduct), which you can read in the student handbook on our website.

You may complete this contract in hard copy by printing and signing it or requesting a hard copy to sign from the campus or from your exam centre or a programme assessor.


You will signify your agreement to these terms and to be bound by them if you click to accept or agree to these terms where Hebron Christian Institute offers an option to do so. You warrant that you are authorised to do so. These terms and our rules form this contract between you and us. This contract only ends for reasons stipulated below or if we or you cancel the registration or if you fail to register for any new academic year.  Should you be in default of any payment, the agreement coming to an end does not prejudice our rights to recoup any outstanding monies. Should you decide to transfer from to another within or across brands of Hebron Christian Institute, or change modes, or re-register at any future time at Hebron Christian Institute, any outstanding monies and any outstanding disciplinary process in terms of Hebron Christian Institute’s rules will continue to apply to you in terms of this contract.

You will be required to conclude a new contract annually which will include fees for that year. You must notify the principal or authorised person in writing if any of your details change. If you do not understand anything, please contact us and ask for us to explain it before you accept this contract. Certain important words or phrases are in bold text. Some of these could increase your debt or other legal responsibilities under this contract, or they could limit ours. You must please read them very carefully. Your fundamental consumer and privacy rights and remedies are guaranteed by law. This contract does not aim to unlawfully or unduly reduce, limit or avoid any rights or obligations under consumer and privacy protection or similar laws.




In these terms:

  • academic registration means agreement to the courses or modules you will be undertaking this year and the associated fees.
  • academic year means the annual period of instruction normally running from 1 January until 31 December, or from 1 July until 30 June the following year or any other period as stipulated.
  • account payer means the natural or juristic person responsible for paying the contract amount or other fees due by the student.
  • attend includes taking part in any class or structured academic activity in person on a campus or remotely by online means.
  • conditional registration includes temporary registration of a student who did not meet all the entrance requirements or provide all documents needed by us or any external provider, as long as the student meets stipulated conditions. Conditional registration does not impact on the effect of the contract which is not dependent on the type of registration.
  • contract amount means the fees and other charges you must pay for the programme for the relevant academic year, including tuition fees, and any relevant application fee or deposit.
  • In addition to the contract amount, you may be liable for the costs of extra goods and services such as transport, notes, textbooks, stationery, remarking or supplementary fees.
  • The contract amount will change if you change the mode of delivery or campus or qualification on which you are registered.
  • due date means any date in any academic year by which you must pay any part of the contract amount.
  • external provider means a separate independent organisation from Hebron Christian Institute that is responsible for providing or awarding any programme or qualification. It may include any external examining body other than Hebron Christian Institute associated with these modules, programmes or qualifications. It may also include any other party offering academic help, products or services to our students by arrangement with us.
  • intellectual property means knowledge, creative ideas, or expressions of human mind that have commercial value and are protectable under copyright, patent, service mark, trademark, or trade laws from imitation, infringement, and dilution. Intellectual property includes, brand names, discoveries, formulas, inventions, knowledge, registered designs, software, and works of artistic, literary, or musical nature.
  • interruption of study means not re-registering to study at the start of a new academic year prior to qualification completion.
  • method A means the upfront payment method where the contract amount is paid in full as a single transaction by the specified date.
  • mode of delivery means the way in which the programme is presented and includes distance or contact and full or part time registration.
  • personal information means information that can be used alone or linked with other information to identify, find or contact a person. It includes academic and financial information.
  • POPI Act means the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (Act No. 4 of 2013)
  • Professional body means anybody, recognised in law, to have the responsibility of regulating a particular profession or professions or aspects of the work of a particular profession or professions.
  • programme means any unit of study for which a student registers at Hebron Christian Institute and includes, but is not limited to, full qualifications, short courses, courses, a year of study, a module or workshop or tuition support.
  • qualification means a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for any South African qualification or duly recognized by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) or Universities South Africa (USAf) for equivalency on the NQF.
  • rules mean our regulations, policies, the Student Code of Conduct, Dispute, Grievance and Disciplinary Policy.
  • semester means an academic cycle including a period of study and summative assessment normally one half of an academic year.
  • semester start means the date on which a semester is designated as beginning for the programme concerned on the academic planning calendar for that programme.
  • semester end is the date as defined in the student academic calendar.
  • student means the person who is registered and studying at Hebron Christian Institute.
  • transfer means to move a student’s academic record and registration from one campus to another within or between brands of  Hebron Christian Institute or to change the mode of delivery of the programme being studied.
  • we, our or us refers to Hebron Christian Institute.
  • you, your or yours refers to everyone who is party to this contract (including the student) together and individually depending on the circumstances.


  1. Financial and amendment to registration:


2.1 Each person accepting this contract or submitting an online contract promises and agrees that they are jointly and severally liable to pay the contract amount to Hebron Christian Institute in full on these terms. This means that you are legally responsible together and individually for paying the contract amount.

2.2 Each person accepting this contract is liable for the contract amount including under any circumstances in which a signed undertaking by a third party such as a company or any other sponsor has been provided in the required format but not honoured by such a third party.

2.3 If we do not receive the full contract amount for the upfront payment (Method A) by the due date, we may change the payment method and you must pay based on the new payment method we will give you.

2.4 Where a payment amount or method is not specified the account payer is deemed liable for the Full Settlement Fee (method A).

2.5 The contract amount must still be paid in full irrespective of student attendance at any class or engagement with any academic activity or online content. It will not be adjusted, reduced or refunded.

2.6 You must complete a “request to transfer” application in the required format (available from the campus or programme administrator) and submit to the person authorized by Hebron Christian Institute if the student wants to be transferred to another programme or to change the mode of delivery for instance from distance to contact or full time to part time. The student can only be registered for the other programme if their account is up to date in the other mode.

2.7 The contract amount may change as a result of any change to mode of delivery or programme and the student will be liable for the

contract amount for the new mode of delivery or programme from the point at which the transfer is finalised. An administrative fee may be charged to effect the transfer.

2.8 You must follow the stipulated process if the student wants to make any changes to their registration for any programme or part of any programme.

2.9 Should you, for whatever reason, receive a financial credit in the current academic year, you may request that the remaining credit balance on your financial account be carried over to the next academic year, subject to the provisions of 10.5.18, Hebron Christian Institute reserves the right to confirm or deny this request in writing. In these circumstances Hebron Christian Institute’s decision is final.

2.10 We may cancel this contract and refund you any part of the contract amount already paid, excluding any registration or application fee, which you warrant that you understand has not been an advance reservation or “place holder” for purposes of Section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (“the CPA”), and you do not have to pay the rest. We may do this if:

(a) the student does not meet the entrance or other requirements, including those stipulated by any professional body, proof of which will be required; (b) too few students are enrolled to justify running the programme; or (c) a conditionally registered student has taken all reasonable steps to comply with the conditions but has still not met them by the specified date.

2.11 Any refund in terms of 10.2.9 will exclude an amount for any programme already commenced where the student has already logged on to the relevant learning system, attended and/or paid as a registration or application fee and/ or any academic material already supplied.

2.12 This contract is cancelled if we or any external provider expels the student following the disciplinary process. We will not refund any fees, and you remain responsible for paying the balance of the contract amount in the relevant academic year.

2.13 We will not adjust or refund fees if a student is suspended from attending or participating in any programme for any reason but is not expelled following the disciplinary process (where relevant). You must still pay the full contract amount.

2.14 The due dates for payment of fees is as stipulated on the fee schedule annually or on acceptance of this contract for the initial academic year or upon acceptance of the academic registration form in second or subsequent years of study as may be the case.

2.15 When this contract ends the terms which protect our rights will still be effective.

2.16 You must send and we should receive a signed letter to the person authorised by Hebron Christian Institute if you intend to cancel your registration in terms of this contract.


Hebron Christian Institute may retain the following amounts as a reasonable cancellation fee, and you warrant that you understand the meaning of a reasonable cancellation fee as set out in Section 14 of the CPA and understand that we have agreed these to be reasonable for the purposes of Section 14(3)(b)(i), to cover its administrative and other costs:


If your registration contract covers two semesters and you cancel: The amount below must be paid and will not be refunded:

Before the stipulated start date of the programme 10% of payment in terms of Method A, (Full Settlement) irrespective of

the payment option you have made, plus the full cost of any academic material already supplied.

Before the end of semester of your first registration. Please contact office for these dates.


50% of the contract amount, plus the full cost of any academic material already supplied.

Any time after the end of the first semester 100% of the contract amount, plus the full cost of any academic

material already supplied.


If your registration contract covers one semester only and you cancel:

The amount below must be paid and will not be refunded:before the stipulated start date of the programme

10% of payment in terms of Method A, (Full Settlement) irrespective of the payment option you have made, plus the full cost of any academic material already supplied.

Any time after the start date of the stipulated programme 100% of the contract amount, plus the full cost of any academic material already supplied.


2.17 If the payment of any contract amount is late, we may exclude the student from campus, from attending classes for their chosen programme or qualification of study, graduation and may also withhold results until the required amount has been paid, without prejudice to our other rights.

The student must still complete and submit any assignments and assessments set during this time. You must still pay the full contract amount even if we exclude the student or hold back results.

2.18 You remain responsible for any expenses we have to pay if you breach this contract. Our expenses may include legal fees, tracing and collection costs.

2.19 If any payment is more than 30 calendar days late, and no payment arrangement has been made, we may require you to pay the entire unpaid balance of the contract amount. We will charge interest on the outstanding amount at the highest rate allowed under the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005 as amended from time to time.

2.20 An account statement or a letter signed by an authorised financial manager of Hebron Christian Institute stating the amount you owe at any time is good enough provisional (prima facie) proof of your debt for all purposes.

2.21 Any cancellation or deferral or transfer in terms of this clause will not automatically extend maximum allowable completion times for your qualification registration.

2.22 You must write to the person authorised by Hebron Christian Institute as soon as you change address or other contact details.


  1. Security Obligations


3.1 You will not disclose any personal details and/or access details in relation to your applicant ID which has been issued to you or your online registration to any unauthorised third party or record such details in any way that may result in them becoming known to a third party. If you do not keep your personal details/access details safe, you give up any claim you may have against us for any loss or damage you may suffer because you have not kept them safe.

3.2 After your access details/applicant ID have been entered, we will assume that any activity in relation to your online registration is yours and any instruction is genuine. Even if someone else uses your access details, we may carry out an instruction as if you authorised it.

3.3 We confirm that we have reasonable security safeguards in place to protect your access details and other personal or confidential information provided by you via the online registration process. However, you accept that, while we will take all reasonable steps to prevent security breaches in respect of online registrations, any information sent over an unsecured link or communication system is susceptible to unlawful monitoring, interception or access by a third party, for which we will not be responsible.


  1. Important indemnity:


4.1 We and our agents will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the student, however we will offer support related to the matter.

4.2 You indemnify (cover) us against any claim, loss, damage, injury or death that results from any negligence or deliberate act or omission (failure to act) by the student, on or off campus.

4.3 The student takes part in all activities at own risk, and you:

(a) give permission for the student to take part in Hebron Christian Institute’s activities on or off campus, including games, sport, cultural, educational or social activities, tours, outings or any similar activity;

(b) understand that the activities carry some risk of injury and are not necessarily supported by us or subject to our supervision or control;

(c) indemnify us (including our associated companies, employees, subcontractors and representatives) against any claim linked to any loss, damage or injury to the student or their property in the course of these activities, unless caused by our gross negligence; and

(d) give permission for any of our employees or representatives to attend to any injury the student suffers while taking part in any activity, and to consent to any medical treatment with the same authority as a parent (in loco parentis) where they cannot contact the student’s parent or guardian in a medical emergency; and

(e) agree to pay any medical or related costs incurred by Hebron Christian Institute for treating the student.


  1. General:


5.1 You warrant and promise that all your information in the application and registration form and this contract is true and correct.

5.2 The person accepting these terms warrants and promises that he/she has full contractual capacity.

5.3 In addition to the acceptance of these terms and conditions as part of this registration process by the account payer or the student, the student will be required to indicate acceptance of these terms by accepting them on the student portal the first time they access said portal and will be bound accordingly.

5.4 We may cancel or change any start or end date or timetable and class composition without notice, but with good reason, to allow for changing circumstances.

5.5 We may change the curriculum and content of any programme or module offered.

5.6 We may cancel the offering of any programme or part of a programme if there is not enough demand, as long as the contract amount is adjusted accordingly and as long as, in the case of a programme, students have not yet commenced their course of study on that programme.

5.7 The student must make sure he/she is registered for all the right subjects, modules, programmes and qualifications.

5.8 The student must make sure he/she understands all registration requirements, the prospectus, and all rules for selecting any subject and about the longest time allowed to finish their chosen programme as they may apply.

5.9 You warrant and promise that you have properly checked the relevant qualification, programme, subjects and modules before accepting this contract. You release us from responsibility for any loss or debt resulting from any incorrect registration or assessment, for any reason.

5.10 The student must get the South African Qualification Authority or Universities South Africa or both to certify any international qualification as required, at the student’s own cost.

5.11 You hereby acknowledge that, where applicable, professional qualifications are designed to comply with the requirements of the relevant South African professional body and Hebron Christian Institute s bound by these requirements

5.12 You hereby acknowledge that you know which bodies run, accredit and award the student’s study programme or qualification and understand how to register.

5.13 Where relevant you must register with any relevant external provider for the student’s study programme or qualification and comply with their relevant requirements, policies and procedures, including paying the contract amount.

5.14 Our rules are available on our website. We give students access to the rules within five working days of the stipulated

starting date of a programme. Students have 10 days to read and understand the rules and how they apply to their programme. After this we may assume you have read, understood and promised to follow all the rules from your date of acceptance of this contract.

5.15 We may change rules or introduce new rules about academic matters, student conduct and other issues at any time and the changes will be published on the student portal. The student must follow these new or changed rules.

5.16 We take academic integrity very seriously. We will take disciplinary action against any student we believe is involved in cheating, plagiarism or any other breach of academic integrity. If the student is suspended or expelled, you are still responsible for paying the full contract amount.

5.17 All Intellectual Property generated through the performance of your study obligations vests with Hebron Christian Institute unless

formally agreed otherwise in writing by the Registrar of T Institute in advance of the production of such Intellectual Property.

5.18 We will do our best as soon as practically possible to resume any programme which is stopped because of any circumstances beyond our reasonable control. These include electricity load shedding, extreme weather, natural disasters, war, revolution, industrial or student unrest and similar events.

5.19 This contract may only be changed or cancelled if it is done in writing and accepted by or on behalf of all parties. No specific or implied waiver of our rights is valid unless in writing and signed by all parties. However, we may regard any changes to our rules as valid and effective five working days after publishing the changes on the student portal.

5.20 You (including the student) hereby acknowledge that we collect and process personal information such as academic results, and as further defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013. You give us permission to collect and process your personal information and to release such information for educational purposes or to meet legal obligations or in the case of emergency, and warrant that you give this permission freely, voluntarily and without undue influence and duress.

5.21 The Signatory hereby in terms of section 18(4) of the POPI Act gives consent to the responsible party, Hebron Christian Institute, for the noncompliance with section 18(1) of the POPI Act, the contents of which are drawn to the Signatory and the Signatory declares they are aware of at the acceptance of this Agreement.

5.22 You (including the student) hereby give us permission to send you information about academic or financial matters, lecture times, campus activities and any similar information using electronic communication, including text messages and email.

5.23 We may also send marketing material to you by electronic communication and you may opt out of receiving further such marketing material by opting out through the appropriate function on the first marketing communication received by this means.

5.24 You consent that we may share your personal information with an operator, service provider or third party, only to the extent required to render services to you, including to our academic material and software and endorsed service suppliers. We will take any necessary or adequate security measures to ensure that any operator, service provider or third party has in place adequate security measures to protect your personal information from breach. We will not do any transfer of your personal information to a person outside of South Africa unless the relevant conditions set out in section 72 of the POPI Act have been met by us.

5.25 You may request from us disclosure of the personal information we hold on you, or request amendment or correction, update or deletion of such.


6. Standard of Conduct:

The Scriptures establish the basic principles which should guide the development of Christian character and govern all Christian behavior. Practices which are known to be morally wrong by biblical teaching are not acceptable for members of the Institute community.

While Scripture does not provide specific teaching regarding all social practices, it does advocate self-restraint in that which is harmful or is offensive to others. All questionable activities that would be detrimental to Christian character and testimony are disapproved.

Within the traditions of its Christ-centered mission, Hebron Christian Institute expects its students to exemplify a high standard of behavior and personal values. These expectations include the following:

1. respect for the rights and human dignity of others, especially in the conduct of

2. respect for the rights and needs of the Institute community to develop and maintain an
atmosphere conducive to academic study and personal life;

3. respect for the Institute’s academic traditions of honesty and integrity;

4. respect for the different backgrounds, personalities, beliefs, and spiritual traditions of students, faculty, and staff who make up the Institute community;

5. a willingness to assist others in need of support, guidance, or friendship;

6. respect for federal, state, and local laws and ordinances;

7. respect for the authorities, policies, procedures, and regulations established by the Institute for the orderly administration of Institute activities and the welfare of the members of the Institute community.

Prohibited Conduct

The following actions constitute misconduct, for which students may be disciplined:

1. physical, mental, or emotional abuse Intentionally or recklessly causing physical harm to any person on Institute premises or at Institute sponsored activities. This includes, but is not limited to, physical assault, verbal or written threats or abuse, racial or other forms of deliberate harassment.

2. sexual misconduct Engaging in or the appearance of indiscreet or offensive behavior in relationships with the opposite sex and sexual sins expressly (premarital sex, adultery, and homosexual practices) are unacceptable and prohibited. Also included are pornographic books, magazines, posters, paraphernalia, and videos, as well as sexually explicit Internet sites.

3. theft or damage Theft of property belonging to the Institute or others, or knowing possession of stolen property whether occurring on Institute premises or at Institute-sponsored activities.

Damage to or destruction of Institute property or property belonging to others.

4. academic dishonesty & false information Dishonesty, such as cheating or plagiarism; furnishing false information; forgery, alterations, or unauthorized use of Institute documents, records, identification, or property.

5. fire safety, firearms, explosives, dangerous weapons, etc. Arson, attempted arson, or unauthorized possession, use, or storage of firearms, fireworks, paint guns, or other dangerous weapons or explosives on Institute property. Intentionally or recklessly misusing or damaging fire or life safety equipment. Intentionally initiating or causing to be initiated any false report warning of fire, explosion, or other emergency on Institute premises or at Institute-sponsored activities.

6. alcohol and/or other drugs Unauthorized sale, use, distribution, or possession of any controlled substance, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia on Institute premises or at Institute- sponsored activities. Use of any tobacco product in any Institute facilities.

7. disorderly conduct Engaging in disorderly conduct, public intoxication, or indecent, or obscene behavior on Institute premises or at Institute-sponsored activities.

8. violation of Institute regulations Violations of other published Institute regulations or policies.

9. unauthorized entry or use Unauthorized presence in or use of Institute facilities or premises. Copying keys or unauthorized possession or use of keys is prohibited.

10. vulgar or indecent language – The use of irreverent slang, offensive, vulgar,
coarse, crude or indecent language on Institute premises or at Institute-
sponsored activities.

Disciplinary Action

The first infraction will result in a verbal warning. The second offense will be in writing. A Disciplinary Report form will be completed by the faculty member who becomes aware of the alleged violation. The faculty member retains the right to deal directly with cases of prohibited conduct. Students must be notified of the evidence of a violation and must have an opportunity to respond. In cases where both faculty member and student agree that the alleged violation did occur, and if the student agrees to the proposed sanction for the incident, then the faculty member and student are requested to sign a Disciplinary Report form, which briefly details the violation and sanction. The form is filed in the school office.

If the faculty member and student do not agree about the facts of the alleged violation or the proposed sanction, than a meeting may be requested with the Director. Both faculty member and student will be require to attend. Evidence of the alleged violation will be presented and the student will have the opportunity to respond to the evidence. It is the responsibility of the Director to determine whether or not there has been a violation and what, if any, sanctions should be imposed.

If the infraction is of such serious nature, the Director may immediately suspend or terminate a student.


A student may be suspended for any specified length of time as determined by the Director. All students re-admitted after suspension for disciplinary reasons are placed on disciplinary probation for the remainder of the semester if their suspension was for less than one semester, and for the entire first semester following their return.

The Institute reserves the right to require the withdrawal of students because of low standards of scholarship, poor physical or mental heath, or attitudes and standards of behavior which conflict with the Institute.

A student who does not fit in with the aims and ideals of the Institute may be asked to withdraw for the general welfare of the Institute and the student, even though there may be no specific breach of conduct.


Termination is a permanent dismissal from Institute and will apply in cases where the Director deems there is evidence that conduct, achievement, or other factors warrant such action


7. Assessment Procedures

Please Note all correspondence must be directed to info@hebronci.com only.

  • Assessments will still be written online every second week. 
  • Assessments questionnaires will be handed to the students 10 min before they write.
  • All assessments will have a time limited.
  • Assessments with incomplete answers will be deemed as INCOMPETENT and will have to be re-written.
  • Assessments will not be written unless the workbooks of those assessments have been completed and submitted a week before the assessments. Failure to do so will result in the cancelation of the particular assessment. Cancelled assessments or missed assessments will be queued as the last assessment of the course which will prolong you academic journey.
  • Assessment fees must be paid in full before any assessment of that particular module can be written. Please note that there will be an increase in assessment fees starting the new semester. Please ensure that all payments are up to date.   

The student must have the following in place to continue with online assessments:

  • Fully charged digital device/s
  • Stable internet connection
  • A Good quality webcam
  • A good quality headset (or a quiet area with no distractions)

In the case of load shedding, the student is expected to have an alternative means of internet access, such as:

  • Hotspot connection
  • A wireless modem
  • An alternative venue that is not experiencing load shedding
  • A Data Sim

Any other  means can be utilized to ensure your assessment is successfully completed.

Please download and install a reliable app (EskomSePush/Load Shedding Notifier) to monitor load shedding times and help you prepare in advance in case of load shedding.

Time limit  will differ from assessment to assessment. Students will be informed on the day of the assessment regarding time limits. All assessment answers demand sufficient “meat/facts.”  Answer needs to be thought through thoroughly and documented in full. The assessors decisions are FINAL.

Assessment fees special ends September 2022 and  will increase by R100 per assessment.  Please note that assessments for each module should be paid upfront before any assessment of the particular module can be written.

Projects Criteria (Project Management)

Please note: In regard to the Practical Projects, all students are required, to submit a minimum of five projects each, to support their theoretical learning. Failure in doing so will result in a delay in submitting your POE to the external moderator. Remember your POE cannot be submitted for moderation without any missing projects, assessment or any incomplete workbooks. Remember it’s the students responsibility to ensure that they keep track of all their completed workbooks, written assessments and completed projects.

*Min. x5 projects

*The projects must cover all the aspects of all the eight modules of the course. Use the headings of each module and each subject to guide you. Students can start working on their projects even though they have not yet finished the course and polish it up at the end of the course.


8. Whilst Enrolled as a Student at HCI: 

Study Material Criteria:

Please Note: In regard to the learning material, there is a copyright on all the learning material. Whilst being enrolled at Hebron Christian Institute, no student is allowed to make any copy or release any hard copy, in their possession, to any current student or any person(s) not enrolled at Hebron Christian Institute. Permission to do so can be obtained by the office.

Please Note: Students are NOT allowed to teach, train or facilitate any Hebron Christian Institute Courses or distribute any Hebron Christian Institute Course material to any person(s), media or ANY THIRD PARTY, outside Hebron Christian Institute, WITHOUT PERMISSION from the Hebron Christian Institute administration office.